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Rural Training Centers

rural training providers offering entrepreneurship courses for rural population

The current VET system is highly fragmented managed by different ministries/ agencies. It comprises: 
- public VET institutions; 
- private VET institutions including NGOs; 
- and enterprises.

The Agency for Vocational Education and Training (AVET) manages the 110 primary vocational schools (PVSs) which offer 1-3 years certificate courses and short-term courses while other ministries and agencies manage the 90 secondary vocational schools (SVSs) which offer 3-year diploma programs (Grades 10–12) combining complete general secondary education and a post-secondary vocational qualification.

Private commercial institutions and NGOs offer VET courses but there is dearth of data regarding the extent of their operation. Some employers conduct in-house training for their employees or in partnership with a vocational school. These practices, however, are limited to the bigger enterprises. Only a few small and medium enterprises provide training for their employees except for some kind of on-the-job coaching. There is very little coordination among the various VET providers as there is no unified VET policy framework that orients them toward a shared vision and direction.

Learn more at www.kesip.in.kg and www.kaea.kg


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